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I am absolutely in LOOOOOVE with the sneak peek of engagement photos our fabulous photographer showed us. Terry McKaig is a true talent, and I'm so glad we snagged her for our engagement and wedding photos.

Our shoot was at Page Springs Cellars. I found it by searching areas in and near Sedona. Up popped this fantastic place. Matt and I both love wine, so it couldn't have been a better choice. Terry was totally down to meet us up there, which was fantastic.

We drove up while listening to our usual playlist. Every road trip it's the same. Taking Back Sunday, New Found Glory, The Used. All our high school favorites. It's the best when we are cruising, singing our hearts out, and seeing new scenery.

We got to the winery, found a table outside, and enjoyed a delicious white wine flight and yummy bruschetta. The wine definitely helped ease our nerves and help us loosen up for our shoot. We explored the grounds with wine in hand. We found huge, beautiful trees. Walked the rows of the vineyard. Found a creek and a bridge. The place was just beautiful

Then it was time to put on our "model faces." We hit it off with Terry and her sweet hubby right away. The first picture she snapped and showed us blew us away. The rest of the shoot was effortless and so much fun.

Here are some of the photos...

You can see more on Terry's website.


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