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kind snacks

Can I just say how much I loooooove Kind Snacks?

Like, really though.

I received a nice box of treats from them this past week and my mouth watered as I went through the flavors. Fruit, nut, and yogurt bars. Peanut butter and dark chocolate. Oats and honey. Cinnamon Oat Clusters. Oh my yum.

Their delicious products are healthy and tasty. A combination I thoroughly support.

Another thing I thoroughly support is...kindness. Something I find to be sadly sparse these days. Thankfully, this company believes in it. Hence the name. Duh. They put it perfectly,

[image source: Kind Snacks]

That is a company you can feel good about buying their products. It also helps that they create delicious things for my taste buds. Including a brand new line of Strong Bars, which include savory flavors. I need to get my hands on them ASAP. How good does Roasted Jalapeno sound?


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