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Today is the release of Juice, a book of recipes and tips for living well created by the founders of
Pressed Juicery. I had the opportunity to preview the book and flip through its beautiful pages. It's honestly beautifully done and contains helpful information on juicing and a healthy lifestyle. As someone who is a big fan of the brand and their juices, I highly recommend this book for those wondering about juicing and needing some delicious recipes.

You can purchase the book here.

I had the absolute pleasure of interviewing Carly de Castro, one of the founders of Pressed Juicery. This is a company I truly believe in and wholeheartedly support, so this was an exciting opportunity for me. Here is the interview...

What got you so interested in health and nutrition?
Originally, I was in the entertainment industry as a publicist. I found it basically impossible to balance a lifestyle of late night dinners and working events, because I found myself feeling completely drained by the end of each week. I decided to further my education in health, so I enrolled in the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I loved it and learned about everything from holistic health to macrobiotics. I'd discovered my passion.

What are some tips for someone who is just starting out in the juicing world?
If you're just starting out in the juicing world, it's important to understand why juicing is so important and beneficial. If you understand the components of juicing, it's easier to keep up with it. Plus, it makes you feel more empowered and excited! 

What is one of your favorite juices from the book?
Greens 15!

What is a piece of advice for someone who wants to begin a healthy lifestyle?
Start! So many people truly want and aspire to be healthy. The trick is to do it, and the book provides the steps to do so.

What made you want to turn your success of juices into a book?
Many people have asked me and the other founders of Pressed Juicery why we would put all of our recipes out in the open. Our devotion to the juice is the origin of Pressed Juicery because it is the real secret to a healthy and happy life. But, we believe that this shouldn't be a secret! Everyone should have access to the recipes that changed my life, that way they can change theirs.

Are there any juicing myths you'd like to debunk for readers?
Cleansing really has become a hot topic lately. However, it is an extremely common myth that cleansing means fasting or starvation. It doesn't, at all! Cleansing literally means cleaning up your act. It is about getting clean, giving ourselves maximum nutrition, and reducing our dependence on processed foods.

What is the philosophy behind Pressed Juicery?
Pressed Juicery really started out as a passion project between myself, Hayden Slater, and Hedi Gores. We realized that juicing had significantly changed all three of our lives. We felt better and looked better, and found negative energy disappearing from our lives. Pressed Juicery was born from our belief that in order for people to find fulfillment and balance each day, they needed a fresh set of tools that are convenient, simple, and tailored to the fast-paced lives we all lead. Juicing meets all of these requirements!

Although you live a healthy lifestyle, do you indulge in any guilty (food) pleasures? 
Yes I think it is important to have a balance in your life and an amazing dessert or great wine is a must at times.

Here are some delicious recipes from my favorite juices by Pressed Juicery...

Triple leafy greens plus triple fruit equals triple threat. Here we add fennel, celery, and cucumber for a super hydrating juice that is not overly sweet.
3 celery stalks
1 cucumber, peeled
2 kale leaves
2 Swiss chard leaves
12 small fennel bulb
1 Fuji apple
1 pear
1 lemon, peeled
1 bunch fresh parsley

One of our original best sell­ers, this apple-lemon-ginger juice is rich in phytonutrients called polyphenols, which prevent blood sugar spikes. The apples have a high fiber content and are rich in pec­tin, a soluble fiber that helps normalize cholesterol, pre­vent cardiovascular disease, and stave off hunger pangs. This is another way to make apple juice into a grown-up favorite.
1 Fuji apple
1 Granny Smith apple
1 lemon, peeled
12-inch piece fresh ginger, peeled

This juice is a best seller in our shops. We love the tanginess that the lime and strawberries add to the apple juice. During the sum­mertime, we pour this juice into ice-pop molds and keep them in the freezer in our office. Everyone goes nuts for them.
2 Fuji or Pink Lady apples
10 strawberries
1 lime, peeled

If you enjoy Thai food, you probably already know that lemongrass and cilantro were made for each other. Here, the pair blends beauti­fully with sweet honeydew, sweet kiwi, and mellow green spinach to round it all out. And lucky for you, cilantro is one of the premier herbs for detoxification and cleansing, especially of heavy metals, which makes it popular among health enthusiasts. In addition, it has traditionally been used for improving cholesterol and blood sugar levels.
Large handful of spinach
12 honeydew, rind removed
1 kiwi, peeled
2 lemongrass stalks
4 or 5 sprigs fresh cilantro, to taste



  1. Thanks for posting this! I am trying out juicing and have been wondering about what book I should purchase... I will probably get this one! The recipes you shared from the book sound wonderful. Making the switch to a healthy lifestyle is hard, but I love reading your posts; they're very inspiring.

  2. Thanks for sharing, I'll be sure to check out the book!



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