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When I began building my endurance for running, everything was going great! I was able to run longer and not feel so out of breath, but then I began getting painful shin splints. I felt totally discouraged because I felt like I was finally getting somewhere in my running, and then had to stop because of the pain in my legs.

Awesomely enough, KT Tape offered their product to help me out! I ordered the brightest color possible (duh). I followed the directions on application from their website and I went for a run. I didn't suffer from my usual shin splints.

I was always skeptical of this stuff. How is tape going to solve my problems? But honestly, it supports my muscles in a comfortable way and it stays on. If you can't afford a brand new pair of running shoes, but suffer from shin splints (or any other issues) try KT Tape out.

For those suffering from shin splints, here is a demonstration on how to apply the KT Tape.


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