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six ways to happiness

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Happiness. That thing what we are all striving for, but don't realize we have the power to obtain it easier than we think. These are the six ways to happiness...

Why six? Because it's my lucky number, and it makes me happy.

1. Settling. I have always said to "never settle." It's taken up until now to actually practice what I preach. You do not have to settle for less than you deserve. Even if it's super scary to say goodbye to things that no longer serve your well being, it's incredibly freeing. Once you say goodbye, you open the door to so many other possibilities that are better for your soul. Don't let fear trap you in a situation that isn't meant for you. Never settle.

2. Be unapologetically yourself. Block out other people's opinions, judgments, and perceptions. Why would you let the skepticism of others keep you from being you? When you constantly try to fit the mold and aim to please other people, you lose the magic that makes up you. Not everyone will like you or understand you. It's utterly impossible. Just realize they don't have to, and that all that matters is if you like you.

3. Follow your dreams. You're never too young, middle-aged, or old to go after your dreams. If you dreamed them up in your head then they are special. Don't let failure or competition or criticism break you. Protect your dreams. They're sacred and they deserve to be gone after.

4. Say "Buh-Bye" to negativity. No matter how positive you are, if you keep negative company it will ultimately wear you down little by little. You have no obligation to keep anyone in your life. You have the right to choose who you want close to you. Choose those who uplift you, support you, and surround you with good vibes.

5. Take a break. It's okay to tune out! Shut off the phone, cancel dinner plans (on the verrrry rare occasion), climb in bed, and have time to yourself. We can get so wrapped up in jobs, relationships, social media, house chores, that we forget we need a little breaky. Get back to it tomorrow when your mind and spirit are refreshed.

6. Embrace change. It's terrifying. Absolutely terrifying, but there is something so beautiful about change. Once you look past all the layers of "what's going to happen?" and "is this the right choice?" you'll see that change is inevitable. It's often times exactly what we need to grow and love more.


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